One fateful tweet- Thanks Jon

27 Jun

I promised to expound upon the “Why’s” and “How’s” of making a 50,000 mile, 50 state road trip happen. Simply, it all started with a tweet. Almost exactly a year ago I hopped onto twitter during a lull at work, … Read More »

A Certain Bridge in Selma

25 Feb

As continued ice storms descend upon the plains I have been pushing further and further south; the farther south I have gone I have harbored the thought that I was entering civil rights territory. When I got to Brandon, Mississippi … Read More »

One until None

7 Jan

An unintended blessing of being on the road trip of a lifetime is sitting outside the daily news grind. Every time I peak in to check what’s happening it’s not pretty. The sheer volume of outrageous tragedies is disheartening, from … Read More »