Dream Vacuum

My first day on the road comes to a close, I sit in the Wheeler’s living room, having blown out the candles on the cake celebrating my 29th birthday. Day one is over, soon the novelty will wear off and I will settle into some semblance of a road warrior routine.
I laugh at myself because I had a wonderful notion to sell everything and hit the road, but when I packed up what was left over my car is still overflowing! Another purge will commence as soon as I can catch my breath.

As I grabbed a couple of overnight necessities to bring into the house, I spotted my 3 page “to-do” list resting on the floor board of my overloaded passenger seat. rearview
Since the early days of this plan I harbored this idea that there would be a distinct ‘before and after.’ One day I would be working for the dream, and the next I would leave and then I would be living it. With this idea firmly planted in my head I approached my task list with the ferocity that every single line item must be perfectly in place prior to my departure. As it turns out not one aspect of your life slow’s down for your dream; cares not if bags are packed perfectly for ease of travel; doesn’t write all ‘thank’ you cards, nor attend going away parties.
A bit of that idea unraveled as a friend of mine asked where I was going first and when I mentioned Austin, she exclaimed: “well that’s not far at all.” I replied: “Ya know, it really isn’t.” My perspective changed, if I couldn’t get to the post office before I left, there was certainly one on the way to Austin. If I needed to get a new toothbrush, there seemed to be a plethora of grocery stores on every corner.
It was then that I started to see a bigger picture, not of one that started on August 6th,2014 but a journey that really started sometime back in November, when this idea was just a seed. Maybe I had been missing out on all the adventure that is planning an adventure.
As it goes, the dream doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Life doesn’t stop. People keep working at your job the day after you leave. Someone else moves into your apartment with scarcely a trace of your existence. If you can’t get to the bank, there’s an app for that. It’s not a ‘before and after’ deal – it’s a ‘decide and do’ deal. Don’t think for one moment that the season of preparation is not a key part of the dream! The hope of this promise is that the second you begin, the dream begins.
The moment you get that second job to pay off debt. The second you walk out the door to train for your marathon. The moment you put yourself out there for a first date with who will one day be your spouse. That’s when it begins, it isn’t the grand moment at zero, the starting line, or the wedding day.
I so wish that I had learned this lesson earlier. Not everything will line up just perfectly.
Life bleeds.
So, I implore you.
Don’t let your dream start without you.

4 thoughts on “Dream Vacuum

  1. I am so excited for you! You inspired me to follow after my dreams. Looking forward to all of your posts/pictures!

  2. That’s so true Miriam. I am excited for you and excited to read about how everything is going. 🙂 Happy birthday and happy trails! Love ya.

  3. Thank you for this reminder! I have had to remind myself that my one year trip is more like a 5 year trip (3 to prep, 1 to travel, and 1 to process what happened!) At the end of each phase will be sadness for the end and excitement for the end. We don’t live a ‘destination’ life. We live a ‘journey’ life that must be full of faith. It’s about living EACH day. Thank you for this reminder as I very much needed it.

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