Hip Happenings

After spending the night in Austin with family I decided to head over to Lake Austin, I thought it may be more exciting to have my GPS guide me in the general direction of the lake then I would explore on my own. Soon I saw signs for hippie hollow, which I thought I had seen some good reviews on a cursory google search the night before. I pulled out my annual national parks pass and asked if it would give me entrance, but it was declined. I asked the attendant if I could quickly pull in to grab my charger from my trunk, and she allowed me in.


I opened my trunk and was rummaging through my items when I was surprised to find that Hippie Hollow is called such for a reason. It is indeed the only “clothes optional” beach in Texas. That’s right, I stumbled upon a nudist beach.

Then to add to the glorious awkwardness…my trunk latch became jammed and my trunk would not close! There I am trying to slam my trunk closed in the parking lot of this beach; I finally had to whip out my phone and google the fix for my trunk.
Once my trunk was firmly closed, and clothes happily still in place I was off to adventure once again.

oasis large

I headed up to the Oasis, a Pinterest favorite and got a slushie ‘to go’ as the day was swallowed by testy trunks and nude beaches.
To add insult to nakedness- when I returned to my car my GPS cord had come apart and I had to McGyver my phones back up charger with it to get to my evening destination.
Frustrations abound but all I could do was laugh literally all the way to Hill Country for the night.

Perhaps Google, GPS, and I will remain close friends from here on out.

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