Hitting The Brakes

A couple of weeks ago I sailed right past the 50,000 mile mark. On Wednesday night I am going to spend the night in my 50th state. For those keeping track, that’s all of them! I will camp in Acadia National Park in Maine, along the Easternmost part of America, watching the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain will mean being the first person to see the sunrise that day in America.

So, what now? Is that it, am I done? Yes, and no.

Going into the next week I will be taking a respite for a few weeks. Nine and a half months of driving has taken it’s toll and I’m excited to not go anywhere for a chunk of time. This time will be used to pray,rest, detox, index, unplug, write and polish up my resume for whatever my next steps will be.

rest atop

I still have much ground to cover between now and the “end” of my trip. I still have a list of places that I will be visiting this summer through my birthday in August, which is my official end. However, if there is anything I have learned, there really will never be an end to a trip like this, there will always be another friend to see, another place to discover, more miles to log- all linked to a single idea to “just go.”

I along with you probably have more questions than answers at the moment. Where? How? What will you do? I have a feeling finding all of these things out will be just as big of an adventure as leaving was.

Thanks for coming with me this far.

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